Bitmap Poemarium, artist book
Rio del Cielo, milky way printed as ASCII image
Paniri volcano printed in Ascii mode. Atacama culture’s belief that volcanoes are a
linking bridge between heaven and earth.
Dark Constellations
Looking to the South, Cruz del Sur's observation object
Dawn eye - ZOOM, live stream webcam video projection
Wormhole, photograph in the desert of Atacama
Pixel, rgb site-specific intervention
RGBA-ABGR (0.8), rgb site-specific intervention
RGB paintings, rgb paintig
Nunc, web-based artwork
Dawn eye, live stream webcam projection
Performance Sunrise in Calama Chile
Facing the sun, live stream
Mother PNG, a book containing the PNG code of the image of my mother
(INTERPRETATION), rgb paintig
SCREEN (Wife rgb mode), rgb paintig
Black Sun, Skype video recording
Interactive media installation, register
Mirror extending
By the light, Skype video recording
Presence, a photograph of the precence of the light
Communication, rgb / cym paintig
Twin realities, photograph