Screen Shot

Screen shot, a landscape from Chile goes back to the screenScreen shot, view of the installation at Gape-02, Plateau gallery, BerlinScreen shot, a landscape from Chile goes back to the screenA black screen has light behind, a child approach it like a fly to the light

This work shows a painting inspired by a screen shot of a Skype video conversation with my aunt. During the conversation, she was in the Chilean mountains and me in Berlin. Because of the precarious connection and signal interferences, the image was completely abstract.

The image is an oil painting on paper, painted nine times in different colors, cut, mixed and glued in order to be recomposed, simulating the methods of transmission of digital information by the Internet. After this process, the image was put back to a screen, highlighting the importance of the medium over the message, referring thereby Marshall McLuhan’s statement “the medium is the message”.